Motherhood: A Reclamation, with Mina Aidoo

Episode 4 September 26, 2022 00:59:11
Motherhood: A Reclamation, with Mina Aidoo
The Pleasurehood Podcast
Motherhood: A Reclamation, with Mina Aidoo

Sep 26 2022 | 00:59:11


Hosted By

Justine Aksoy

Show Notes

In this episode, I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with the amazing Mina Aidoo.

I titled this episode Motherhood, a Reclamation because motherhood gets to be an experience of our own making. We get to shape and mold motherhood in our own image, one that leaves us feeling deeply connected to ourselves, our bodies, and our families.

During our conversation Mina and I explore:


Mina is currently teaching Women & Femmes how to access the hidden power of their bodies so that they can heal trauma, reconnect to their sexuality & sensuality, reclaim their wildest desires and fully step into their pleasure and purpose. She offers 1-1 Sessions, Groups and workshops. 

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